Earthquake Repair

We are an accredited CERA and Fletcher EQR building company. We have been chosen for this work from many contenders – so it’s not something we take lightly. With this EQC repair accreditation we know the spotlight on our work will remain bright. And so our work stands out for all the right reasons.

Our goal is to make the entire process as easy as possible for our clients. On average a repair job will take around six weeks to complete (although it’s dependant on a huge range of factors, not the least being size of the house and extent of the damage). During this time the owner will generally be away from the site. It can be a stressful, uncertain time for many. 

We invest our time to ensure everyone is fully aware of what will happen before it happens. Peace of mind for our clients can only be achieved with exceptional communication and
planning skills.

We provide well-honed project management expertise to our EQC repairs in Christchurch. We understand both the greater processes in place and the importance of adapting our service to each new set of circumstances. Action is balanced with communication – and speed is checked with oversight. We are excited to be an important part of the Christchurch rebuild. But this excitement is tempered with an understanding of our responsibility – to our clients, to our community and to the future of our city.

“The work was of the highest standard and all work was completed on schedule thank you mcbride construction”
Ann Hoglund