The EQR Process

We are EQC accredited for Christchurch earthquake repairs. As a construction company working with the Fletchers repair scheme we know the importance of clear communication and meeting the expectations of our clients. Here is an introductory list of what to expect when getting your house repaired from earthquake damage.


  • An EQC representative provides an initial scope of work.
  • After this has been delivered the homeowner can choose whether to ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’.
  • Even if you choose to opt in to the Fletchers EQR scheme you can still nominate a company to do your work – provided that company has the right accreditation to do so. We do… so nominate us!
  • If you choose to opt out get in touch with us directly and we will ensure the process runs quickly and efficiently.


  • We then are instructed by either the homeowner (if they choose to opt out) or Fletchers (if you nominate our services) to undertake another assessment to ensure all initial information is correct.
  • At this time we will make any necessary changes in consultation with the homeowner.
  • We then receive confirmation from Fletcher EQR that our work can commence.
  • Before this begins we organise an initial meeting with the homeowner and a Fletcher EQR representative at the property to discuss the work to be undertaken, the health and safety guidelines to be followed and the timeline of the project.
  • At this time we will discuss how long the homeowner will have to vacate the premises for and confirm any paint colours and finishes with the customer.
  • During repair work you will be kept informed of all progress via our Project Manager. We encourage you to call our office at any time so we can answer any questions.


  • With our work completed the Project Manager and Fletchers EQR go through the house repair and ensure each and every piece of work is up to standard.
  • At this stage you will be asked to sign off the project as complete.
  • There is then is a ‘3 month defects period’. In this time you can let us know any worries you may have and we can deal with them.

“Our renovation efforts deliver the best results with the least fuss.”